The Feng Shui Lady ®

Welcome to Narrative Space. My name is Laura Carrillo aka The Feng Shui Lady ®. What I do: FENG SHUI & SPACE CLEARING, My unique approach is like Space Therapy with a literary twist… Everything is Narrative Space especially our homes. If you want to change your personal story; I can help you edit it, write a whole new chapter or perhaps a whole new story with Feng Shui! Where it comes to your personal narrative, the writing is on the walls so to speak. I consult, speak, teach and write about Feng Shui. I’ve been doing this work for over a decade and it literally gets more rewarding with each year! In addition to my Los Angeles based practice, I work with clients domestically and internationally via Face-time, Zoom, phone and travel consultations. You can get an instant quote and schedule an introductory call or appointment with me by using my Scheduling Button at the top of the page!

The concept of Narrative Space Feng Shui is simple; your home or business is telling a story, your story. Every object in your environment is a physical affirmation of your present situation. Feng Shui is physical language. It is also a solution oriented practice that treats your environment as a living entity and extension of yourself. When I visit a space, I read the narrative and help you edit your story with the energetic principles of Feng Shui and the Alchemy of Space Clearing to align your environment with your highest good. I help my clients understand what their homes and businesses are communicating energetically. I then help them align that narrative with their goals and dreams. If you’re looking for that breakthrough, I got you! Edit your space and rewrite the script. It’s time for a positive new chapter; it’s time for Feng Shui. I’m available for in home or virtual Feng Shui & Space Therapy Consultations as well as Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies. Visit My Link-tree for all my latest media and resources including stories, interviews, videos, and more! Xoxo